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FT Business and Academia interview video

– we thought we’d reciprocate in response to their sharing the contents of our “Merry Christmas from Scrooge” video!

Merry Christmas from Scrooge?

Practitioners to Academia: get real and come down from your ivory towers?

Academia to Practitioners: but we don’t like your methods!

A victim of his own success?

Cottingham.tv’s Editor has been lobbying for such multi-disciplinary changes to bring psychology and other disciplines into economics, government and social working practises proposing such multi-disciplinary approaches across IT including “big data” as an afilliate member of the IEEE SSIT group for over a decade now

-having faced brick walls in local and regional academia, business and finance, it’s good to have some vindication!

– even if it seems recognition is as far off as ever .. or is it?

Why does the market obscess about general industrial social and economic trends and processes as a herd, yet ignore individuals and their unique roles in building successful initiatives?