A Darker Side?

Did the darker side of late 19th. Century Irish life drive Sir Terry to escape his home environment and become successful and a champion of the disadvantaged?

Was he influenced by the scenes of abject family poverty as depicted and described so vividly in Agela’s Ashes and driven to leave provincial Limerick and Ireland ultimately, like so many others of his parent’s generation?

Did he therefore give his unconditional support to help those affected (by not letting the left hand know what the right hand does) to Children in Need?

Did he resolve to read some of those American-style self-help guides e.g. by Dale Carnegie, rather than accept the ‘local doctrine’ so prevalent at the time, to develop his public persona?

Sometimes the best is unsaid and left to the reader to enquire further – as Sir Terry was typically, as said, a master of understatement.

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