A victim of its own success?

Cottingham.tv’s Editor has been lobbying for such multi-disciplinary changes to bring psychology and other disciplines into economics, government and social working practises proposing such multi-disciplinary approaches across IT including “big data” as an affiliate member of the IEEE SSIT group for over a decade now

-having faced brick walls in local and regional academia, business and finance, it’s good to have some vindication!

– even if it seems recognition is as far off as ever .. or is it?

Why do the financial markets and their commentators and advisors obsess about general industrial social and economic trends and processes as a herd, yet ignore individuals and their unique roles in building successful enterprises and initiatives?

The exceptions always seem to disprove the rules or dictats laid down by academia blinkering students: for every conglomerate there is a Steve Jobs or a Mark Zuckerberg who breaks the mould!


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