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Visiting the region’s Marine Art

Catching the Breeze; siezinng the opportiunity!

to be continued ..

Sales Pitch Tips for Market Stall-holders

Comedy at in celebration of individuals characters and individuality  we ask:

Q. Are you a Bawler or a Boomer .. or a Mouse?

A. Speak up boy!

Q. How do you attract customers to your stall to make your sales pitch?

continued ..





Celebrating Individuals and Characters at

Has become a victim of it’s own success?

Celebrating 12 months of!

We marked the 6-month point with a discussion about the changing role of journalism

We now focus on local people: we think individuals and characters matter just as much as their collected opinions!

There has been a tendency in broadcasting to separate-off opinions from individuals and characters. This makes analysis and statistics more convenient. We at want to be different!

Update: We’ve changed your comments and feedback option to a social network icon which you can click on and sign in with your email or Facebook account (bottom right). This was in response to the overwhelming amount of SPAM (junk mail) received through our comments inbox. 

We also investigate the world of work (and life) and ask: 

have you noticed how repressive and ‘robotic’ work and life have now become?

Are we in danger of losing sight of our individuality as the drive for standards and consistency threaten to dominate our individual sense of worth and work in the form of overwhelming bureaucracy?

Now we are investigating and emphasizing the importance of local people and keeping local people in the loop as procedures and working and living practises become ever-more robotic and online!

Technology comes at a price which appears to be threatening individuality!

Whilst we’re on the subject of ‘robotics’: it has been asked if emulation is the best form of flattery?

We can report that much the editor’s topical content is now being picked-up and re-reported often within days by other broadcasters!

Update: in the interests of fair play, we therefore respectfully request the BBC particularly to at least quote their sources, as we do (BBC “Click” link: see below) Our recent article on hospital diagnosis exemplifying diabetes and its preventative treatment has been given full coverage yesterday seemingly without reference to! 

Our subject lead on Google has however been consolidated, so we’re achieving ‘first past the post’ status increasingly now, reaching “Page 1” for our reporting based on topical originality rather than might or rank.

Further to the editors proposals and representations over in Europe for “Europe 2.0 Dynamic Framing” on LinkedIn over the last 14 months (please google “Europe 2.0”) the work continues abroad in industry and academia: –

the latest issue of “Click” also reports on developments in ‘social or group constructionism’ as a result of the Editors Europe 2.0 initiative – using smart constructors kits, which we are now seeing the development of in the form of smart LEGO. Medical diagnosis is also reported as “Science 2.0” works its way through, opening-up more working practises.

David vs. Goliath: the battle for the individual continues – with you and on!