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Walk-through: down Hallgate turning into King Street

Preparations underway for November switch-on

Christmas Lights 2015

Support the Cottingham Christmas Lights!

This year we are all urged to support the Cottingham Lights #supportthelights

Installing Cottingham Lights 2015

Cottingham Market

From a Santa hat to a haddock,

from cakes to lemon curd,

from cabbages to Christmas cards …

You’re now in the last chance saloon for purchasing some budget goods and bespoke home-made and locally-grown foods!

Stop Press: Fishmonger Claire not present on Christmas Eve: back 8th. January



Thursday 11th. December

Despite very cold winds today,  intrepid traders on Cottingham Market continue on, with just under two weeks to go until Christmas.


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The Daleks are coming to Cottingham! And for Cyber Monday …


Hallgate Shops


BB’s TIME MACHINE 146 Hallhate, Cottingham

Tel: 07875 308978 / 07826578856


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TIVOLI’s Italian Restauraunt is set to open soon.

The lights will also go on soon – next door but-one – to All Saints Church

To the left, you can see Cottingham’s traffic warden standing at the ready in front of the Church.

From the fading afternoon light, you can see the need for children to wear high-vis outfits – and how illumination can lift the spirits.

Christmas Market at All Saints Church

A Christmas Market is to take place this weekend, which will also attract some much-needed festive cheer away from the main drag!


Cottingham Lights 2014 Switch-on!

Cottingham Lights have finally been switched on further to testing over the last few days


– just hours ahead of the official Hull Christmas Lights Switch-on this evening, local traders were determined not to be up-staged by neighbouring Hull, but it has been an extremely low-key affair. Cottingham’s Blue Bell owner Andy Cox rescues the lights!

When pressed for a switch-on time, installers just said last weekend that they just had a few circuits to fix and that they would test each one until all were running OK.

Cottingham Green Lights and Cottingham Market also enjoyed the switch-on.

Onlookers and shoppers were delighted, with many commenting on how relieved they were to see them up and running this year in time for Christmas Shopping.

Do you think we as the public could do more to support the traders who sponsor in turn the Cottingham Lights?


Nicholas Robinson

Finding and decorating your Christmas tree locally is easier than you think!

Hallgate Shops

Hallgate Landscape’s yard is also accessible from Hallgate!

A festive tree should be for life, not just for Christmas!

With Christmas almost upon us, many intend buying a real live Christmas Tree. No need to raid the nearby forests and chop down your own native version as some American Christmas movies might have encouraged you to do!

Trends have changed: living trees are sold here with potted roots in soil now that can be re-planted in the garden in January. No need to buy one without sterilized roots!

Perhaps it’s time to consider scrapping that old fold-away artificial tree? It may have served your family well for many years, having been handed-down from your parents who lived above a shop in a flat!


Bringing the tree indoors for December causes it to go into shock, as so far it has spent all its life outdoors exposed to the elements.

Some tips: Locate your tree away from radiators and naked flames and keep the roots moist in the pot by watering daily especially whilst indoors. This will be safer especially if the mast is anchored to a wall by a string and nail, reduce needle loss and improve its longevity and chances of recovery.

Located in the Co-op car park, Hallgate Landscapes sell a variety of shrubs, trees, plants, gravel, bedding and other gardening and landscaping materials from their yard.

Look-alikes: very yew or non-yew?

No need to ‘hedge’ your bets: a young yew can pass as a Christmas tree and it will grow into a common-or-garden hedge if re-potted and planted in your garden!

It may also come as a surprise that Christmas trees are available in a variety of species! Some can be left outside in the garden.

Deciding how to decorate your new tree

Nextdoor to Hallgate Landscapes, there is a poundshop!


Inexpensive fairy lights are much safer nowadays and they can be bought in large sets that are low voltage LEDs and some run equally well inside or outside from low-voltage transformers. Although well regulated in today’s global economy, check for EU and or BSI health and safety Kite Marks. Larger sets of lights and other tree decorations are available from Kemps in Cottingham.

Note of Caution

Traditionally, a frequent cause of domestic accidents has come from decorating Christmas trees, so it makes sense not to get a tree that is too large and deep to reach when decorating from a step ladder or to work without a partner or safety harness, including when working putting up lights on the outside of the home.



Event cushion available for pick-up locally at Cottingham Allsorts for £12.99