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Tattoo Studio opens in Finkle Street

Artwork portfolio

Rich’s: specialty is colour mixing, with figurative and cartoon art

There’s a lot more artwork going into it than you might think!

Silver Linings associates portfolio

Update: Sheffield Tattoo Show, 14-15 November at the Magna Science Museum


Tel: 01482 841877   E-mail:


New baby shop opens in Cottingham!

Finally, a Cottingham baby shop!

Fun wall in Kids ‘N’ Clobber

A novel range of UK-made clothes and accessories is available for babies in Cottingham

Contact: –

Heather Bettin, Kids ‘N’ Klobber, 40 Finkle Street, Cottingham, Mob: 07534 118345, E-mail:


Are you a bawler or a boomer – or are you just super cool?

Which empty vessel makes the most noise?

‘Superheroes’ can come in many different shapes and guises!

Spiderman (above right) has lots of speed dynamism and tenacity, whereas Supervan (centre) is very sedate and thoughtful with much carrying capacity and dyamic duo Zen (left) has lots of taste with a calming yin and yang balance! Which type of mug best depicts your personality and when with other people, which role do you prefer to take on? Would it be supercool to take Spiderman to Glastonbury?

Coffee break tip from

Here’s a trick I learned from teaching: purchase some coffee mugs locally and the next time you have a coffee break, make them available for staff to choose!






Cottingham’s Gateway Shops – continued

New Displays and Formats

We’re featuring Buncha Blooms and will provide further details

Buncha Blooms, Hallgate

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Cottingham’s first flower shop to re-open

Buncha Blooms to re-open in Cottingham

Cottingham’s Gateway Shops

Over the last few months, you may have noticed that the flower shop opposite the Olive Garden in Hallgate has closed, following a bereavement

We are delighted to report that this gateway shop will soon re-open!