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Folk Festival Lineup

Morris dancers setting out from the ERT in Beverley today

Giving an impromptu’ performance in Toll Gavel before Coaches ferry people on to Beverley Racecourse for the Beverley Folk Festival

Prior footage shown


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Beverley Racecourse

Beverley Folk Festival at Beverley Racecourse  Coming Soon!


Lou Reed: Walk On The Wild Side

Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” (1972)

The editor was blown away when he first seriously listened to this in ’70s! It’s hard to think he passed on just over a year ago!

Lyrics for performing artists  – and Lou’s support band Velvet Underground

What songs from the ’70s really impressed you? Did you also want to hitchhike across the USA!

Do you listen to the lyrics or is it melody that attracts you?

For me it was always the melody rather than the message!

Changing trends, interests and technology: nothing stands still!

It all got too loud back then as we made the transition from the teenybopper Dansette gramophone player through Marshall valve power amps to today’s  industrial strength miked PA systems which have all but drowned out the lyrics! It is arguable that the lyrics in hard rock were the main issue! However, none of us are getting any younger sadly – or more tolerant!

Then upon learning some piano comping, thanks to the kind support of local musician Paul Rogers as a budding amateur ‘quieter’ jazz musician it tended to be the score I embraced rather the melody.

Let us know your musical interests and recordings and we will be pleased to feature them here!

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