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Are you a bawler or a boomer – or are you just super cool?

Which empty vessel makes the most noise?

‘Superheroes’ can come in many different shapes and guises!

Spiderman (above right) has lots of speed dynamism and tenacity, whereas Supervan (centre) is very sedate and thoughtful with much carrying capacity and dyamic duo Zen (left) has lots of taste with a calming yin and yang balance! Which type of mug best depicts your personality and when with other people, which role do you prefer to take on? Would it be supercool to take Spiderman to Glastonbury?

Coffee break tip from

Here’s a trick I learned from teaching: purchase some coffee mugs locally and the next time you have a coffee break, make them available for staff to choose!






Vintage Cars and Vehicles


VW 1200 – the editor’s second car – a Triumph Spitfire Mk3 was his first 🙂

Buses and coaches in the region from the post-war era

generally from the 1919 to 1930 era, but classifications vary

Vintage cars and other more recent vehicles are rapidly becoming collectable! The editor thinks they had far more character than today’s standardised offerings. They were however cramped and not as comfortable, safe or reliable and required ongoing maintenance and frequent servicing.

What are your favourite vintage vehicles?

Rover 3500s P6 _ eBay

Rover 3500s P6 – selling on ebay fully-restored for £7,250 ono

We’d like your photos – from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s?

We will be featuring some further examples from time to time

P.S. The Editor has a few favourites, but has to admit he once owned a VW beetle (shown above in Cologne in 1977) – and even a Nissan Micra which was along with the beetle the cheapest to run he ever owned!)

One of his most favourite vehicles was the VW Camper Van based on the same chassis as the beetle!

Old VW Camper Vans in working order routinely fetch over £20K today and they are de rigeour for attending UK folk and pop festivals like Glastonbury – assuming you can get a ticket, that is!

VW two peas in a pod!