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With the full moon approaching tomorrow, we at Cottingham tv will not be trying to act like lunatics tonight! Only the Victorians thought mad people were affected by the Moon – hence the name ‘lunar tic’ was born. Looney tunes are related too and worth a watch!

Trying to always see the funny side of revelling. Ed.

February’s Supermoon

P.S. Tomorrow’s full moon is looming large – it’s a Supermoon, aka Wolf Moon!

P.P.S. Action heroes, were rabbits and loons everywhere – beware!  (although those in the know will tell you to be calm as outdoor root vegetables are out of season here now – but not, necessarily, in greenhouses 🙂

Bowie Songs

David Bowie Tribute

Superhero Memorabilia are available here in Cottingham!

Superheroes began in US childrens’ comics with two separate competing publishers; DC Comics and Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), the first comic from Marvel precursor … Superhero-turned-PI Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel

Most well-known: DC Comics which featured Batman and Superman


Many new Marvel superhero Hollywood blockbuster films are being released between now and 2020!

Tip from Silver Linings Tattoo Studio: You can find many Superhero posters at B & Q


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Superheroes get ready for Summer blastoff!

The Art Gallery in Hallgate exhibits a striking show!

Spiderman comes to Cottingham!

For older and younger Superheroes: The Circus is also coming to Hull


Annual Attaction 10th – 12th July This Weekend

Skidby Scarecrow Festival

Alternative Ways Of Connecting With The Electorate – is like Barrie McKenzie also on a ‘cultural mission’!

Barry ‘singing for his supper’ for John Lennon in a VW camper van: ‘strewth, starve the lizards – I’m so thirsty I could drink out of a Japanese wrestler’s jockstrap!

These are just the introductory-level salvos of a barrage of increasingly irreverent jokes comprising colourful metaphors – used with connect with the audience quick-fire – and make them buy lots of tins of Fosters lager to quench their thirst in the process!

Edna Everage plays the ‘straight guy’ as the ‘voice of constraint’ and Tommy Cooper plays Arthur McKenzie  read on ..

Advertise your enterprise with famous artists ready for the Hull City of Culture 2017 and Harness the Power of Art!

Proactive steps to promoting your enterprise online

Online marketing and promotion is the new ballgame and with increasing broadband speeds in the pipeline, more and more new business will be transacted online. Because of the sheer ammount of information available out there online, getting noticed requires maximizing the different opportunities to get your message and presence across!


Got your website up and running but no visitors? can also help you to create and optimise your online presence through advertising and promotion strategy. Contact Nick or Mike



Here are some further interesting links to check out – but please check your browser’s back-button to return to! : –

Q. What has packaging, production, canning and food preparation to do with Andy Warhol for example, you might ask?

A. Well, Warhol was famous for ‘being famous’, and of course for his soup cansAndy Warhol

Q. What is subliminal advertising?

A. Check out this site: –


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Believing in the Power of Art

‘Getting’ Art

On Safari in Hull Ferens Art Gallery

Do you analyze Art or do you just feel it?

Close up, it feels wonderful – that basic feeling of sheer power and presence – of family and loving relationships here. You have to see it close up to experience it.

To analyze it is to ask where, why, when, by whom and how it was painted – dates please enter on the form provided! To continue: in which medium, the meaning, the style, choice of location in the gallery, the colours chosen, the meaning and place in the gallery in relation to other paintings – one could go on  .. and on ..  and on .. and be in danger of missing the point the artist made completely! Many artists will say they feel rather than think as they paint – without having a master plan. However in this case, a lot of line work must have gone into the construction of the figures – although one question occurred to the editor – did the artist use a camera obscura? To know this as a naive observer spoils the sheer magical presence of the animals you may feel however. The editor hasn’t found out either way – rather like with Santa! However, some of the old masters could construct truly amazing scenes without such assistance. Believe in the power of Art!


Nicholas Robinson

Anselm Kiefer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts until 14th. December (And don’t forget the local Ronnie Wood Exhibition)


RA Exhibition still taking bookings

An opportunity not to be missed!

Imagine…  Remembering The Future

Further to watching Alan Yentob’s fascinating interview and insight into the Artist’s work on BBC last night, discover an artists interpretation of the meaning of Life, the Universe, ‘but certainly not’ almost everything else inbetween!  (The Meaning of Life, The Universe and almost everything else)

And don’t miss the local Ronnie Wood  Exhibition at Artmarket, Cottingham!

For a more sentimental, popular art view of ‘almost everything else’ see the Ronnie Wood Exhibition at Artmarket, Hallgate, Cottingham. Like many rock and pop musicians today, Ronnie started-out as an art school graduate!

Back to Kiefer ..

From the Wiederaufbau time of Germany following on from the ruins after WW2, Kiefer presents an awesome exhibition on a real-life scale of total immersion.
Kiefer strives in his work to discover the truth by abstraction; through random acts of construction and deconstruction.

His work builds with constructivism and abstract expressionism, utilising existing planned and organised constructions and deconstructions as directed random human activities. Such an example of his work includes a life-sized crashed aircraft in a forest being overgrown by trees and vegetation, and he questions the Human condition and our struggle to make sense of the World and the Universe in terms of order and chaos. His thinking parallels the entropy and enthalpy present throughout the Universe when looked at through the prism of molecular science and thermodynamics – where ‘to boldly go’ is not everyone’s cup of tea nor for the feint-hearted!