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Having the gift of the gab is rarer than you might suppose:

lifes journey, sometimes refered to as the bumpy road, can be made a lot easier and smoothed-out if you have it and a lot rougher if you don’t!

Although Sir Terry was much liked, the Editor struggled at first to find common ground here: the Eurovision Song Contest and its organizers as headquartered in Vienna which he visited briefly last year – and bumped into on the central station there, managing to crack a joke with the Station Master about golf whilst not personally considering retirement just yet. He thought it was more funny than the Editor did at the time – but we do share a slight sense of dark humour with our Saxon friends, also having a bit more of the Blarney in common. Terry didn’t take things (work, retirement or life) at all too seriously it appeared, including humour itself that is, unlike our foreign German-speaking friends 🙂

The Editor thinks both Terry Wogan and David Bowie read and listened to music and the arts widely (as enthusiastic autodidactic learners rather than structured academically-trained thinkers) and that therefore they were able to experiment more freely with ideas.

Bawler or Boomer?

Terry was certainly a boomer, never a bawler!

Life compared to a Waltz rather than a bumpy road

As he might have said: And now for some some steam music? Why for steam radio of course – to be enjoyed by older boilers like me – and you, and you!

To be followed hastily by; and of course younger boilers like your dear self, Madam!

(In typically self-deprocating manner)

And something for Radio 2 Listeners?

This one’s definitely more for Radio 3 listeners however: –

In some ways, life for Terry could be regarded as a waltz rather than a bumpy road, rather like Johann Strauss’ steam engine where dancers glide and reciprocate in gentle circular motion with each other – rather than clash up against immovable obstacles! Perhaps this is why people liked the elegance of steam engines compared with the rough argy-bargy of engine and carriage-shunting, Diesels, buffers and all the ‘stop-go’ motion involved in marshalling yards!

Round House Turntable – seeing things in the round – good things like music come in round packages

And for a Radio 4 type discussion perhaps..

Waltz piano sheet (and pianola) music from Vienna: the popular music of the time

The Editor claims also to be 1/16th. Irish though, from those Kellys from Cork rather than neighbouring Limerick.

Let us know of your encounters – witticisms, be they informal, remote or otherwise, with Sir Terry!

Terry shared with the Editor a common reluctance for having scripts for what he said live and online, and much of what Terry said was indeed straight from the heart and un-rehearsed, which gave it a spontaneity – and also made him inadvertently a master of understatement.

read on ..



All aboard for tours and sight-seeing trips!

Amazing opportunity!

The U3A (The University of the Third Age) meet regularly and go on trips and have multiple interest groups including local history, book clubs, needlework, visiting places of interest, hiking, foreign languages and travel. Heather is discussing travel arrangements briefly in this video clip.


Editor’s Note: –

Further speakers to follow.

We are constrained by Internet file upload speeds and by limited video output formats of our camera equipment.


are holding monthly meetings in the Darby and Joan Hall, Finkle Street, Cottingham on the second Thursday of each month starting at 2pm.

Activities include group coach tours with visits to local places of historic and scenic interest and further afield, interest groups including keep fit for all, languages, art, book groups, bowls, family history, philosophy, needlework, walkers/strollers, history and much more!

Contact details: please follow the link above to the main website



P.S. we’re hoping to upload some video clips of the well-attended new members meeting from the 19th. March

Vintage Cars and Vehicles


VW 1200 – the editor’s second car – a Triumph Spitfire Mk3 was his first 🙂

Buses and coaches in the region from the post-war era

generally from the 1919 to 1930 era, but classifications vary

Vintage cars and other more recent vehicles are rapidly becoming collectable! The editor thinks they had far more character than today’s standardised offerings. They were however cramped and not as comfortable, safe or reliable and required ongoing maintenance and frequent servicing.

What are your favourite vintage vehicles?

Rover 3500s P6 _ eBay

Rover 3500s P6 – selling on ebay fully-restored for £7,250 ono

We’d like your photos – from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s?

We will be featuring some further examples from time to time

P.S. The Editor has a few favourites, but has to admit he once owned a VW beetle (shown above in Cologne in 1977) – and even a Nissan Micra which was along with the beetle the cheapest to run he ever owned!)

One of his most favourite vehicles was the VW Camper Van based on the same chassis as the beetle!

Old VW Camper Vans in working order routinely fetch over £20K today and they are de rigeour for attending UK folk and pop festivals like Glastonbury – assuming you can get a ticket, that is!

VW two peas in a pod!





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Do you know why some East Yorkshire Buses were fitted with domed roofs?

Answers please as comments here at

The best answer picked out of the inbox on 23rd. December gets to own the original photo – and a mystery treat!

EYMS Christmas Timetable


We’d also like to hear of your stories of local bus and coach services from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s!

As a young child, the author can remember catching the coach service with his parents from the side of the then new Paragon Street Library in Hull
to Easington and beyond to Kilnsea and Spurn and also a EYMS dome-top (as shown above) for days out to Hornsea!

Being picked up from infant school in a “Blue and White” old school single-decker coach in the 60s was also exciting, as it was richly upholstered and had long curving lines which conjured up thoughts and feelings of travelling great distances in cocooned luxury! Next stop on our magic bus-turned space ship .. the Moon?



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Should our MPs, MEPs other Elected Representatives be obligated to serve as well as lead their Electorates?

Watching the recent swearing-in of newly-reelected UKIP MP Mark Reckless in Parliament, the brevity of the oath appeared shocking!

Not that the editor is a person that likes longwinded bureaucracy – let alone to dwell over ceremonial proceedings very much, nor is he writing this to belittle Mark Reckless. In fact he is a Royalist and keen supporter of democratic reform!

Perhaps the oath chould mention of support the well-being of the electorate, the party. If one wanted to improve the culture of such an institution, as has been proposed in the media recently, this would not be a bad place to start!
Link to get involved in electoral reform

If you have ever written or telephoned your MP or MEP we would like to hear your story. Were they helpful?

Having approached one of our local MEPs by phone and email for a meeting concerning democratic reform and Europe, the editor recieved no response. He then approached the EU directly as a member Citizen with his “Europe 2.0” blog and was invited to present a paper and attend their democracy 2014 conference in Hong Kong as a private citizen and technical expert. He was unable to attend on financial grounds and had to cancel, due to a lack of lack of local support.

More recently a delegation of our MPs and other elected representatives, all set to attend (or gate-crash) said same conference supposedly – no expenses spared, were refused entry!

Perhaps as the underdog in all of this, this poor and lowly member of the electorate has to satisfy himself with his business contacts in mainland China, where his skills and perseverence appear to be more appreciated than they are here!

Historically speaking, it is not unknown for China to appreciate and assist UK and other foreign individuals based their contributions and skills rather than their rank in government or society. Take for example the late film actor Norman Wisdom and a famous pre-Victorian automata inventor



Anselm Kiefer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts until 14th. December (And don’t forget the local Ronnie Wood Exhibition)


RA Exhibition still taking bookings

An opportunity not to be missed!

Imagine…  Remembering The Future

Further to watching Alan Yentob’s fascinating interview and insight into the Artist’s work on BBC last night, discover an artists interpretation of the meaning of Life, the Universe, ‘but certainly not’ almost everything else inbetween!  (The Meaning of Life, The Universe and almost everything else)

And don’t miss the local Ronnie Wood  Exhibition at Artmarket, Cottingham!

For a more sentimental, popular art view of ‘almost everything else’ see the Ronnie Wood Exhibition at Artmarket, Hallgate, Cottingham. Like many rock and pop musicians today, Ronnie started-out as an art school graduate!

Back to Kiefer ..

From the Wiederaufbau time of Germany following on from the ruins after WW2, Kiefer presents an awesome exhibition on a real-life scale of total immersion.
Kiefer strives in his work to discover the truth by abstraction; through random acts of construction and deconstruction.

His work builds with constructivism and abstract expressionism, utilising existing planned and organised constructions and deconstructions as directed random human activities. Such an example of his work includes a life-sized crashed aircraft in a forest being overgrown by trees and vegetation, and he questions the Human condition and our struggle to make sense of the World and the Universe in terms of order and chaos. His thinking parallels the entropy and enthalpy present throughout the Universe when looked at through the prism of molecular science and thermodynamics – where ‘to boldly go’ is not everyone’s cup of tea nor for the feint-hearted!


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Explore the physical and political geography of Central Europe with us and absorb some of its culture!

As you can see, Austria joins multiple countries and has historically been at the centre of European culture. The Danube Region is developing a new European strategy*.

English has become much more widespread now and it has become the lingua franca for European politics, travel and business, so we are fortunate to have this advantage as native speakers. With many Europeans more than willing to converse, it gives them an opportunity to practice their English – which can be frustrating if you want to try out your French Italian or German, not to mention the other neighbouring countries’ languages!


Winter is coming: ‚ab auf die Piste!‘

Off to the slopes! Whilst the famous winter holiday resorts are famous for ‘heading off to the slopes to blow-off some surplus energy skiing’ (a more moderate ‘PC’ translation for those of you who would rather gently slope-off rather than attempt more vigorous inclines and summits to recklessly blow away the winter blues), they also make for breathtaking Summer holiday destinations!

Summer is worth planning partly in advance, but also worth discovering as you go – laissez faire or ‘lassen Sie sich treiben!’:

In many ways, the bespoke holiday you book yourself and discover as you travel is more fun than the package holiday you plan and are stuck with, but it turns out far more expensive than a package deal! Winter skiing holiday deals comprising long weekend breaks are however more accessible by air and budget flights.

A return flight to Vienna from Gatwick by easyjet can cost less than £200 if booked a couple of months in advance and accommodation can also be conveniently arranged online. Booking in advance to a budget usually means accepting flexible departure and return dates that may not coincide with your original travel plans.

Local travel and accommodation deals can be found at local travel agents, but we’d like to investigate some connections over there for direct bookings and offer competitive prices and alternative arrangements including group flat-shares, fly-drive, rail-drive (especially popular with motorcyclists) and to explore working holidays where you earn your accommodation by working. For further details, please contact

Switzerland is located some 400 km west from Vienna in Austria, separated by some of the most beautiful scenery in the World (after our Yorkshire Dales of course!) and is worth a drive, the next time you are planning a “European Grand Tour”!

Whilst Zurich is located 1400 kms away by road and it is below the southern side of Lake Constance at the bottom of West Germany south of Stuttgart and east of The Alsace in France, Vienna is located in the East and borders with Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Bucharest, some 1,770 kms by road from East Yorkshire via the Channel Tunnel. In practical and comfort terms, this places are best reached by air and rail as driving there yourself becomes time-consuming and as you need to break your journey with at least two or more overnight breaks, not to mention fuel and wear and tear.


The Danube Region Welcomes You!

Personally, I can’t bear to go anywhere nowadays without exploring trade, markets, business, political geography, work and enterprise opportunities and when I did a European tour some years ago, I took a van and loaded it up with trade samples of my lighting sample products I made from home on the outward trip, then with bottles of wine purchased directly from tastings held by the vineyard proprietors and cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest on the return trip!

Politically, The Danube Region connects Europe’s trade and culture and whatever our politicians tell you about Europe, explore the beating heart of Europe and find out for yourself!

I’ve been working with Europe on a Youth Manifesto for my blog on Europe and am invited as a reviewer for their up-and-coming conferences next year, so do get in touch if you’d like to explore some further opportunities with me directly as I am definitely open to trade,  investment and collaboration opportunities!

Vienna formed the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire over a Century ago and it also became the home of famous philosophical art and science movements with its cafe culture forming the Vienna Circle. Famous thinkers included Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Von Neumann, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Albert Einstein and Nicla Tesla. Many of the early pioneers suffered for their work and I’m currently researching and revisiting Sigmund Freud’s work with a view to proposing incorporating aspects of it in their Manifesto.

Nearby Ljubljana in Slovenia through the Alps is also a delightful destination worth a visit and home of Iskra, a manufacturer of electrical and electronic components, with Tesla’s birthplace which was being renovated when I visited in the former Yugoslavia as a student years ago. Crossing the boarder to Italy is of course far easier today since the fall of the Wall and thawing of East-West relationships in the late 1980s, and Slovenia became a full EU partner – just try not to mention the wars!