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All aboard for tours and sight-seeing trips!

Amazing opportunity!

The U3A (The University of the Third Age) meet regularly and go on trips and have multiple interest groups including local history, book clubs, needlework, visiting places of interest, hiking, foreign languages and travel. Heather is discussing travel arrangements briefly in this video clip.


Editor’s Note: –

Further speakers to follow.

We are constrained by Internet file upload speeds and by limited video output formats of our camera equipment.

Ros Jump and Geraldine Mathieson

With the May 2015 Council Elections rapidly approaching,

deciding how to approach this interview required some thought and preparation, as the editor wanted to discuss what it was like to be a councillor interested and concerned about local politics ahead of the Elections, rather than go into details that would likely cause at least some to skip the content and change channel!

With the election nominations still out, we can’t yet approach all the parties, but would invite them to contact us for an interview if we haven’t already done so and advise that Ros, Geraldine and Lena Slater  will be standing for re-election.

Journalists and teachers share quite a lot of common interests with politicians speaking from experience, as no doubt do many other occupations.

It is unfortunate that a divide has opened up, as getting involved in public service can be exciting and rewarding – especially when you see the results of your efforts experienced and appreciated by others! (see below)

One gets the impression talking to Ros and Geraldine that 99% of council work is organizational stuff like so much other work and that the rewards of all their labours are only occasional – but worth the effort!

Now for the other background stuff, some ‘flat facts’: –

Ward Councillors

Parish information (Parish Councillors)

Cottingham Community Plan – as prepared by the parish council

The Parish Council is run on a voluntary basis

Greening the Green

We are delighted that our campaign here at to green the green has been taken up and will be added to the Cottingham Community Plan for discussion ahead of the Elections!

Thank you to Christchurch Community Coffee for the best coffee and the room for the interview.


Nicholas Robinson

James Bond and his assistant “Q” would not feel out of place here!

Today in the Cottingham Library: HERIB “here for people with sight loss” hold a regular small mobile exhibition table to promote their activities. Some 1,700 people suffer debilitating sight loss in East Yorkshire. With an office in Goole and centres in Hull

What’s the mug for?

Don’t touch that Bond, that’s my coffee! But check out the smart level detector (top right) which stops you scalding yourself with boiling water when making a hot drink ..

Now aids for the visually impaired would make an interesting idea for a school technology project!

If you have some ideas of your own and would like to discuss them online or privately, we can help you promote them – in fact we could hold a competition ..


HERIB is offering learning Braille to interested people and supporters with sessions held in Hull Beverley Road branch on Wednesdays. Cottingham Library also offers support for the visually impaired including large print versions of books.


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litter picking with Tony Wray – by Popular Demand: Part II of’s Interview

Tony talking to Nick Robinson about his good work litter picking to keep East Yorkshire litter free

Tony’s round regularly takes him to Hornsea and back cycling some 38 miles round trip in most weathers! Further to Part I featured last week covering his earlier successful campaign to get the priory Road Graveyard Proposal shelved, Tony takes on the the problem of litter dropped by unthinking passers-by. He said to me: “Why do you think Cottingham is litter-free – look around and see how I keep the streets spotless!”  Without these regular activities picking up litter and putting it in the bins provided for disposal, Cottingham would soon return to it’s previous messy state with cartons cans bottles and take-away trays just dropped on verges and pavements everywhere.



Priory Road Cemetery ..

Archive newspaper cutting courtesy of The Advertiser

Tony has campaigned relentlessly over the years for improvements to local services and facilities.

We try to bring the humorous side out in interviews like this as the subject is rather a dark one and the authorities Tony battles with present enormous challenges!

P.S. Personally speaking, if I knew the time and place of my funeral, I wouldn’t turn up! (Or float around, or hopefully not turn too much)

Nicholas Robinson,

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TIVOLI’s Italian Restauraunt is set to open soon.

The lights will also go on soon – next door but-one – to All Saints Church

To the left, you can see Cottingham’s traffic warden standing at the ready in front of the Church.

From the fading afternoon light, you can see the need for children to wear high-vis outfits – and how illumination can lift the spirits.

Christmas Market at All Saints Church

A Christmas Market is to take place this weekend, which will also attract some much-needed festive cheer away from the main drag!


Tony Wray featured litter-picking in Cottingham earlier today:

If you’ve known Tony over the years you can’t help but admire his resolve and determination as he cycles around East Yorkshire most days picking up litter! Although well into retirement, he has won recognition including a Civic Award for his selfless activities including the East Riding County Council ERCC Chairman’s Award in 2012. Tony’s round covers a vast area which takes him down Harland Way from Skidby, all through Cottingham, along Priory Road and back continuing on and around the Hull boundary to Sutton  joining the old train line where he continues on cycling to Hornsea! His voluntary work keeps him fit and he cheerfully undertakes his selfless work tirelessly which would  challenge others …