Changing and challenging local broadcasting


 From the outset, managing editor Nick Robinson wanted to produce content that was both challenging and questioning,

entertaining and engaging and he was acutely aware that the existing regional local broadcasting monopoly needed shaking up!

For too long they’ve held-up – possibly inadvertently – rigid artificially-maintained organizational barriers between presenters and audiences, news reporting and participants, us and them!

We at have we think also contributed to the considerable shake-up of tv broadcasting both at international and national as well as at regional levels taking place currently – bringing this  next-gen social media-inspired broadcasting more for, by and of the people!

Towards Distributed Broadcasting

It isn’t just about changing technology: it’s about changing attitudes: – Take for instance reporting of insurgencies in foreign areas: both sides are given an intelligent hearing in an attempt to discover what motivates and drives them rather than just document the results of their behaviours and stigmatize!

Serving and future soldiers are now expected to be proficient in ‘peace-keeping’, requiring the ‘soft skills’ including human relations, foreign languages and psychology – as well as the more traditional IT and keep-fit – in order to better-understand the motives and aspirations of local people and to better engage with them! Broadcasting inevitably plays its complimentary role here. As some may know; “The first rule for revolutionaries was to take over the local radio broadcasting station!” Nowadays much is run by social media.

Having a more informed international perspective helps us to understand and hopefully solve  Europe’s problems at the regional level too!

At the local level, we’ve seen some local competitors arrive on the scene since we started blogging and a change of emphasis in terms of engagement and involvement with local people at the local level has been brought about.

From dialogues with our local litter-picker to the chairman of Cottingham Traders and Retailers association and local Councillors, we attempt to engage with local people to make this their channel and thereby bring closer together the different factions of the community – we are after all only separated from each other by a few degrees of organization!

Planning for the Future

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