Organization vs. sustainability: the challenges

Sustainability in terms of economic demographic and environmental issues need a mention too

The advent of the Internet has brought local traders into considerable difficulties with the tipping point for the majority of us opting for online shopping being reached in 2014. Many are now as a consequence faced with difficult existential choices. Our village centres may change again significantly in the next few years! The whole retail experience may need to change to become more engaging and entertaining – hence “Greening the Green” may not be as far-fetched an idea as you might think!

Our latest interview with the U3A represents another new self-informing direction with increasing numbers of retirees taking courses and participating in local interest groups including sight-seeing tours and travel. This helps these people bring together disparate areas of knowledge and expertise by coming together – and to provide for an enriched learning experience and awareness for many. Some have lost spouses and none of us are growing any younger, so it all makes life a bit more interesting and challenging as we move forward.

At the national broadcasting level, Victoria Derbyshire is setting out her agenda for debating the National agenda – current affairs as they actually are and the way they ought to be. By asking deeper questions – what actually motivates local people and their decision making representatives – she can get behind the ‘organizational divides’ imposed by our ‘divide and conquer’ society! In terms of psychology, this represents a re-emphasis on the cognitive rather as well as the behavioural approaches to data gathering and interpretation in policy-making, which have with their ‘strictly by the numbers’, divide-and-conquer approach led us into the organizational and falling engagement difficulties we are currently facing it is argued. By becoming highly organized, we have inadvertently become less connected and less flexible and creative it is argued.


Degrees of organizational separation: singing for one’s supper

We are a commercial internet start-up outfit here at and we recognize the need to up our game in terms of promoting and marketing local services, government, events, retailers and products. Easter marks a period of reflection as we celebrate rebirth and resurrection on multiple levels. Whilst we like to think we’ve helped bring intelligence and engagement to local broadcasting, I hope that as acting editor our content has been entertaining informing and potentially lucrative.

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Nicholas Robinson