Climate Change – does it matter?

UKIP Candidate Questions the Science of Climate Change: does it matter?

Climate Change – the clues

Are we as a small and arguably ‘insignificant’ post-industrial nation hardly likely to have an impact on global warming – whatever we do!

UKIP believe that the science concerning global warming has not been proven – rather like the link between smoking and cancer failed to do back in the ’70s. Their reaction against wind energy is rather like Margaret Thatcher’s argument against coal mining in the 1980s – purely an economic one! Commonsense would dictate that we should place greater emphasis on solar energy, local energy generation storage and distribution and in stimulating small businesses and startups.

The overall picture is more challenging however – do you just end up feeding the housing bubble if you only believe in bricks and mortar and not in society, skills, technology and enterprise? Should we only worship the ‘false gods’ of money, property or business? Here one risks losing the plot ..

Should or could turkeys be persuaded to vote for Christmas?

Living in a globally-interconnected world and economy would have far-reaching implications for jobs and industry if we were to pull out of Europe as a consequence of voting UKIP?

Global Warming – the problem of cause and effect and the case of joint and several responsibility:

Events taking place in one country can take effect in another or at sea with air pollution in form of CO2 emissions from coal-fired power stations in China increasing ocean acidification threatening coral reefs off the west coast of Australia for example. Economic migrants from sub-Saharan Africa driven by crop failure and famine caused at least partly by climate change  drought and partly by poor land management and governance may cause Europe to moderate it’s immigration policy to cope with the mounting 1,700 fatalities reported in the Mediterranean this year alone!

Coastal defences and flooding do present a real and aparrent threat here in East Yorkshire!

Rising sea levels and storm severity present a two-pronged attack on East Yorkshire – an attack from without by rising sea levels and an attack within from rainstorms and flash flooding causing crumbling vulnerable clay coastlines. The editor has visited relatives at Kilnsea regularly since childhood and all there can vouch for rising sea levels receding crumbling coastlines and flooding! With Spurn Head becoming finally cut-off the other year and coastal dwellings up the East Coast being lost to the sea, the question is asked: is global warming part of a natural climatic cycle or is it caused by human activity?  Whole villages like Ravenser disappeared under water but that was many centuries ago, arguably before man-made climate change could have possibly had any effect.

The Dutch have by comparison completed massive coastal protection projects from the 1970s and they appear to have ‘fixed the roof whilst the sun was shining’ – but then their values and priorities are quite different from ours, having suffered far greater casualties from the North Sea Storm Surge of 1953. Project Zuiderzee  is definitely worth a visit!

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