’s Story so far in Year 2 – continued

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We are not alone! The desert brings out other strange events and thoughts

We’ve had some kind and supportive comments from Love Local and would like to pass on the goodwill shown: the editor likes to listen to West Hull FM Radio in the car and found the local affairs including the official government unemployment figures and LGBT discussions very interesting and informative this afternoon and the other night respectively. A poignant reference to David Bowie too which we also mentioned. The editor also likes their eclectic taste in music, being of that generation that can just about remember it all – and still retain the plot! Greetings to their DJs – instinctive friends!

Taking on issues and championing campaigns to raise food awareness – we try our best to differentiate ourselves!

This issue has been quite challenging to address and finding a new angle to report on,  given the amount of reporting and programming relating to cooking, food and nutrition already existing on tv. The editor has also drawn on much from life experience including teaching, keep-fit, cooking, dieting, family, business and even reading philosophy online (thanks to Google and Wikipedia).

One source of the problems and practises indentified includes “greedy reductionism”,  highlighting the differences between European and Anglo-American philosophy which relates intimitely to the way we do science, society and business both here and elsewhere.

Europe is another issue the editor has embraced, believing ‘change from within’ is going to be a safer haven to weather the economic storms approaching and remain influential on the global stage. In business, “a small share in something” is generally regarded as preferable to having “a large share in nothing”.

Taking on FIFA and the IOC, the editor also highlighted the ethical problems of the ‘I’m just doing my job’, ‘just obeying orders’ attitude of those who would prefer to ‘work strictly by the numbers’ and turn a blind eye to the ethical dilemmas – be they economic or political. The desired commercial business interests for sports people (the real prize or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow), including those who would also like some reward for their efforts and commitment, find their ‘level playing field’ (may the best man or woman win mantra) threatened by vested interests. Matches may get ‘thrown’.

The common thread running through each of the above has been our Western ‘divide and conquer’ approach to business, economics, society and yes even our own self awareness health and wellbeing.

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