Has the enforcement of standards and procedures in healthcare caused some Hospitals to compromise their operating culture of ‘balanced diagnosis’?

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One can imagine such a situation arising in a hospital where bureaucratic management has taken-over the clinical side and where hospitals have become run by managers and accountants rather than doctors and clinicians and target-driven.

Whilst Holistic Medicine has only just become acceptable by the BMA in the last few years following some very high-level interventions, holistic health has been placed out of reach in our State Hospitals until very recently, it appears. For example: in the recent past we used to be treated for diabetes but not obesity and we were not prescribed exercise or diets to prevent obesity in the first instance!


What is a balanced diagnosis?

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Balanced diagnosis: the Art and Science  – is a form of holistic health diagnosis which allows the physician to balance the accepted procedural and scientific tests with pattern recognition and intuition in reaching a successful early diagnosis of an illness and its treatment.

Western divide and conquer clinical methods can be compared with Eastern holistic clinical methods and return to more traditional ‘patient-centered’ methods where the ‘whole person‘ is treated and the patient is diagnosed ‘holistically’.

The Art of Diagnosis refers to the inclusive use of a physicians intuition or professional craft and know-how in diagnosing illness.

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The additional load placed on managements and doctors by special measures may be causing the organizational problems (ultimately resulting in higher death rates) to get worse rather than better. Of course any such recommendation would require to be backed up by statistical evidence. It is not the role of the investigative journalist to provide such hard evidence nor does he have access to such, but it is the journalists role to provide informed conjecture about the way in which the situation is handled.


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