Profiling President Elect Donald Trump

Will President Donald Trump adopt an ‘historical’ approach to his Presidency or will he adopt a more progressive stance as promised?

Benjamin Franklin, Governor of the British Americas Colonies, reluctant revolutionary and “Agent of the Crown” rescued a prominent “Framer of the Constitution” Thomas Paine from difficulties in the UK. Franklin was a self-made man and billionaire in today’s money by the time he entered politics, having risen from the humble ranks of a printers indentured apprentice

Whilst adopting an historical approach* is tempting and certainly the easy option, it means you’re going to get stuck to following the tram-lines of your predecessors! You can and will in effect cause history to repeat itself**.

A more contemporary approach would be to ‘deconstruct’ some elements – how his predecessors acted and reacted to events of the past – and ‘reconstruct’ them into future-present policy.

Nobody likes “The System” or “The Establishment” except those who benefit directly from it as previously mentioned and Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” of Washington.


Towards more equable distributed governance: one way of providing a  more progressive approach towards the democratic process of governmental bureaucracy and its administration (promulgation) would be to reform it through decentralisation and dynamic consensus by making greater use of eDemocracy

By utilising the flexibility eDemocracy offers online and you can begin to increase ‘co-construction’ where the electorate becomes more directly involved in the processes of consensual government participation

The Editor has been active in this sphere writing articles papers and attending conferences on democratic reform in European Union. Please google “Europe 2.0 Dynamic Constitutional Framing”


Another way he could help defuse the embarrassing situation developing in the UK concerning how to deal with Nigel Farage would include President Trump adopting him onto his team

There is an historical precedent for doing this! Thomas Paine, thorn in the side of the British Administration, was rescued by Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Pain was also a thorn in the side of the British Administration

Common Sense and the pragmatist Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was adopted by Benjamin Franklin into his Cabinet and became a prominent framer of The Constitution

return me to your leader .. 🙂


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(C) Nicholas Robinson, Cottingham TV, 11:00 GMT, November 16th, 2016