Cottingham Green Improvement


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Could Cottingham Green be greener?

Design Challenge – how could Cottingham Green retain its parking and be greener to be more attractive more welcoming?

Following today’s ‘rain stop play’ abandonment,

Cottingham Green

it occurred to the editor that the retail environment could be improved by having covered ways and a large marquee that could be stowed when not in use.

Could You design a demountable covered structure for Cottingham Green?

It would need to be rapidly deployable and probably fold-away with minimum wear and tear


Although a marquee large enough to fill Cottingham Green would likely need to be a semi-permanent structure, erecting one for a single day’s use on a weekly basis would be prohibitive both in terms of cost, labour and wear and tear.

Subterranean Parking

Could Cottingham Green be excavated to provide subterranean parking with a covered space on top?

In the olden days, the editor remembers most shops had awnings which folded away or were rolled-back for stowage. When walking from shop to shop in the wet weather however, one occasionally got soaked when an awning dropped its load usually down one’s neck!

greening the Green – with rolled-out Astroturf and planted islands for example?

We would like your views and ideas and would be delighted to forward your suggestions to the Council

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