Sailing over the horizon: a step too far?

European Membership Debate ‘better in or out’ continued ..

The UK Economy reaches a point of collapse:  mis-interpretation of the ‘probability model’ (as opposed to the conventional ‘linear’ economics model) so espoused by Adam Smith some 200 years ago, reaches a point of catastrophe where the limits of financial credibility are reached – like a bursting bubble on the stock market – or sailing off the edge of the Earth, thought to be the just over horizon! (Google “Adam Smith linear economics” and view Michael Emmett Brady’s Book, “Essays on Adam Smith, Volume III”, in google books)

Appropriate to the situation and choice we (and of course the “Crimson Permanent Assurance Company” of the City of London) face today as back in 1983?

Making false assumptions based on incomplete data can be dagerous!

See the flat vs. round earth navigation concepts below

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The flat earth concept

  • It is difficult to imagine just how terrifying the prospect of sailing over the horizon must have felt to early mariners, where their navigators, who were responsible for keeping sight of land, ran the risk of ‘losing their bearings’, especially during storms!
  • According to the flat earth believers at the time, sailing over the horizon was thought to be fatal as many who did so were never seen or heard from again!
  • back then, ships compasses had not been invented ..

Sailing over the edge of the flat Earth!

falling off the edge

The round earth concept

Developments in navigation allowed the flat earth concept to be replaced with the round earth concept and allow ships and their navigators to sail over the horizon without fear of losing their bearings!

‘Round earth’ line-of-sight improvement to navigation – just add a compass and believe!

Or: the case for ‘better in than-out’?

  • It is safer sailing in known waters – in the best of all possible worlds!
  • Do we really want to form closer partnerships with remote trading partners (sailing far away over the horizon) with questionable records relating to dictatorships and human rights and unknown economies?

Was Captain James Cook eaten by cannibals in Hawaii?

  • Did he come from Whitby?

Find out here!

Our currency and wealth are also at risk if we go it alone – and we are more exposed to hostile trade imbalaces and financial market fluctuations as a trading nation where our main industry is financial services – a subject we will return to in the coming weeks has also published a series of articles relating to the UK staying in a reformed Europe

Cupid’s foot –  the great leveler?

And now for something completely different!

And here are some facts: –

Can you (still) remember 1970s New Zealand Lamb, Bacon or Australian Butter?

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One doesn’t suppose they would be desperate to have us back if memory serves, as they were somewhat upset when we ‘deserted’ them for trade with Europe back in the late 1970s!

Much of their new trade is with the growing Far East now.

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