SPE Offshore Europe 2015, Aberdeen

The Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition

– the largest oil and gas industry outside of Texas!

Offshore Europe 2015 Official Event Catalogue Aberdeen UK

An enormous exhibition comprising 5 giant marquee halls packed with exhibitors exhibits, and people!

A meeting of almost everything and everyone who is anyone in the oil and gas industry OGI!

The introductory lecture was given by Brian Cox which I thought was a most interesting and smart choice.

The exhibition stands have got really creative now with lots of amazing technology demonstrators. Cameron Oil and the Deepwater Zone Exhibition were most intriguing.

The City of Aberdeen was packed-out with hotel bookings confirmed months in advance. Many residents as Aberdonians let their properties out for the conference week.  The editor was lucky to arrive ‘on-spec’ and find a room cancellation literally hours before departing by road. Having a Diesel made a journey by car competitive with rail prices and allowed him to find a place off the beaten track that was less expensive and further away.

Although the OGI is undergoing a down-sizing with many redundancies being made in the UK and globally bringing uncertainty to the future of Oil and Gas, the emphasis and interest is now centered on new business, skills and innovation. As a colleague remarked to me; just wait until there is another global crisis or economic upturn and it will all come roaring back!