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Europe and “The Meaning of Life”

Stay or leave: it’s up to us to make up our own minds between now and the 23rd. June!

one of the Editor’s favourite Monty Python sketches .. nudge nudge .. it’s about ‘leaving’ ūüėČ

continued ..

Satire: sailing over the horizon: a step too far?

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Nick ūüôā

Superhero Memorabilia are available here in Cottingham!

Superheroes began in US childrens’ comics with two separate competing publishers; DC Comics and Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics #1 (Oct. 1939), the first comic from Marvel precursor …¬†Superhero-turned-PI Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel

Most well-known: DC Comics which featured Batman and Superman


Many new Marvel superhero Hollywood blockbuster films are being released between now and 2020!

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Proactive steps to promoting your enterprise online

Online marketing and promotion is the new ballgame and with increasing broadband speeds in the pipeline, more and more new business will be transacted online. Because of the sheer ammount of information available out there online, getting noticed requires maximizing the different opportunities to get your message and presence across!


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Here are some further interesting links to check out – but please check your browser’s¬†back-button to return to! : –

Q. What has packaging, production, canning and food preparation to do with Andy Warhol for example, you might ask?

A. Well, Warhol was famous for ‘being famous’, and of course for his soup cansAndy Warhol

Q. What is subliminal advertising?

A. Check out this site: –


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Should our MPs, MEPs other Elected Representatives be obligated to serve as well as lead their Electorates?

Watching the recent swearing-in of newly-reelected UKIP MP Mark Reckless in Parliament, the brevity of the oath appeared shocking!

Not that¬†the editor is¬†a person that likes¬†longwinded¬†bureaucracy –¬†let alone¬†to dwell over ceremonial proceedings¬†very much, nor is he writing this to belittle Mark Reckless. In fact he¬†is¬†a Royalist and keen supporter of democratic reform!

Perhaps the oath chould mention of support the well-being of the electorate, the party. If one wanted to improve the culture of such an institution, as has been proposed in the media recently, this would not be a bad place to start!
Link to get involved in electoral reform

If you have ever written or telephoned your MP or MEP we would like to hear your story. Were they helpful?

Having approached one of our local MEPs by phone and email for a meeting concerning democratic reform and Europe, the editor recieved no response. He then¬†approached the EU directly as a member Citizen with his “Europe 2.0” blog and was invited to present a paper and attend their democracy 2014 conference in Hong Kong as a private citizen and technical expert.¬†He was unable to attend on financial grounds and had to cancel, due to a lack of lack of local support.

More recently a delegation of our MPs and other elected representatives, all set to attend (or gate-crash) said same conference supposedly Рno expenses spared, were refused entry!

Perhaps as the underdog in all of this, this poor and lowly member of the electorate has to satisfy himself with his business contacts in mainland China, where his skills and perseverence appear to be more appreciated than they are here!

Historically speaking, it is not unknown for China to appreciate and assist UK and other foreign individuals based their contributions and skills rather than their rank in government or society. Take for example the late film actor Norman Wisdom and a famous pre-Victorian automata inventor



Anselm Kiefer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts until 14th. December¬†(And don’t forget the local¬†Ronnie Wood Exhibition)


RA Exhibition still taking bookings

An opportunity not to be missed!

Imagine…¬† Remembering The Future

Further to watching Alan Yentob’s fascinating interview and insight into the Artist’s work on BBC last night, discover an artists interpretation of the meaning of Life, the Universe, ‘but certainly not’ almost everything else inbetween!¬† (The Meaning of Life, The Universe and almost everything else)

And don’t miss the local Ronnie Wood¬† Exhibition at Artmarket, Cottingham!

For a more sentimental, popular art view of ‘almost everything else’ see the Ronnie Wood Exhibition at Artmarket, Hallgate, Cottingham. Like many rock and pop musicians today, Ronnie¬†started-out as¬†an art school graduate!

Back to Kiefer ..

From the Wiederaufbau time of Germany following on from the ruins after WW2, Kiefer presents an awesome exhibition on a real-life scale of total immersion.
Kiefer strives in his work to discover the truth by abstraction; through random acts of construction and deconstruction.

His work¬†builds¬†with¬†constructivism and abstract expressionism,¬†utilising¬†existing planned and organised constructions and deconstructions as directed random human activities. Such an example of his work¬†includes a life-sized crashed aircraft in a forest being overgrown by trees and vegetation,¬†and he questions the Human condition and our struggle to make sense of the World and the Universe in terms of order and chaos. His thinking parallels the entropy and enthalpy present¬†throughout the Universe when looked at through the prism of molecular science and thermodynamics – where ‘to boldly go’ is not everyone’s cup of tea nor for the feint-hearted!