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Europe and “The Meaning of Life”

Stay or leave: it’s up to us to make up our own minds between now and the 23rd. June!

one of the Editor’s favourite Monty Python sketches .. nudge nudge .. it’s about ‘leaving’ 😉

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Satire: sailing over the horizon: a step too far?

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Nick 🙂

Benny Hill’s humour:

too non-PC Today?

Best of Benny Hill Sketches – in a re-work

Bring back British Humour – bring back softer southern comedy!

What might Benny have done if he were amongst us today?

Comedy Script

The bucolic gardener, lurking in the grounds of an Edwardian Country House where ‘30s “Who-dun-it” meets ‘70s “To the manor born” set in the slightly dysfunctional and out-dated comedy sit-com genre, is invited in for an impromptu’ meal in appreciation for his work by husband and wife gentry.

Benny is lurking furtively in the undergrowth, tending a Venus statue whilst keeping a watchful eye on female staff passing by.

Husband: Ah there you are! Thank you so much my dear friend for mowing the lawn and come in for a meal!

Wife, interjecting: and thank you so terribly much for keeping our hedges and r-rhododendrons down – absolutely super job old chap – do come in and sit down!

Benny sits down at the table, tucks serviette into his neck and remains taciturn and motionless, overwhelmed

The meal is served ..

Waitress serves up a ploughman’s lunch, bending over to reveal all in expected revealing attire

Benny’s eyes swivel above his thick glasses

Husband: do tuck in!

Benny mutters to camera, eyes swivelling and ogling: “Tuck in? How are ‘they’ possibly supposed to tuck in?”

Wife repeats: I insist – thank you so much for lending a hand – do tuck in!

Benny takes the initiative and lends a hand ..

Wife, continuing, attempting to break the ice – unaware of Benny’s behind the table initiative: “They say there’s no such thing as the working classes nowadays you know!”

Waitress then exclaims; shocked in a low voice, whaling to camera to camera: “No, Warlocks! Warlocks!”

Husband, thinking it was Benny: “Ah I see, then you really did mean more than one – a coven of male witches”?

Waitress: Loads of warlocks please!

Benny; deliberating: “Definitely not the warlocks!”

Wife interrupting: Hmmm – that’ll make things interesting – do you think having more education could help? – I know; we could have a Warnock committee!

Benny smirking to camera: – “to keep a breast of a hard situation”

Husband, interjecting: “No: Seeing things in the round; The Warnocks”?

Wife: No; teams of Warnocks!

Benny, breaking into a smile; “No … loads of, witches”

Husband: Oh, no, covens, I insist!

Waitress: Oh, warlocks!

Camera pans back and the servants all appear in a line gradually: Benny gets up to run out to escape the waitress rounding on him, followed closely by the husband and wife ..

The chase ensues out of the house, gathering momentum, into the grounds: the theme music starting up: waitresses, witches and warlocks as the servants and guests of the house all gradually divesting themselves of their robes to underwear as they walk out into the garden, breaking into a run, followed by the Warnocks waving their paper scripts as reports!



Benny Hill’s “Warlocks sketch” became famous and it was time for a remake!

Watching “Murdered to Death” whodunit presented by the Brough Petuaria Players at Darby & Joan Hall in Cottingham a few years ago gave the editor encouragement to try scriptwriting,

A long dining table makes communication a little difficult hence the wife who isn’t necessarily hard of hearing misreads the situation creating scope for a comedy.


(c) Nicholas Robinson, 5th. February 2015

Norman Collier Tribute

Remembering fondly his chicken sketches, Norman was one of the great disruptive Northern Comedians who like Les Dawson cut his teeth on the “Working Men’s Club Circuit”. Chicken in the basket was, along with scampi and chips, a favourite choice served up to happy workers – and campers – in ’60s and ’70s

It is unfortunate that there are only a handful of those wonderful old clubs left! They  provided a livelihood and way up for so many emerging entertainers and comedians.

Bring Back British Humour – Bring Back Old Labour – all is forgiven?

What’s sauce for the goose?


The editor misses Tommy Cooper, Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, Les Dawson, Morcambe and Wise and many others. Today’s generation seem to have lost the ability to do standup – as ‘do or die’ one-liners – maybe it’s because monologues are now more in vogue and less likely to get shouted down. Audiences have indeed mellowed – or is it because we’re all supposed to be middle class now?

Come on John – you can do it!

We all want you in our hearts of hearts to try to be more like icon Les and ‘spread your wings a bit’ like Norman!

Batley Variety Club is undergoing a revamp!

The Club Circuit faces an existential threat with clubs now reinventing themselves.

Watching Nigel Farage being wined and dined last night – the author resolves to get out more – perhaps he could help pubs and clubs if elected and not proceed to drink his hosts under the table? That brings to mind another contemporary stand-up comedian Al Murray. Interestingly Al has as his stage persona the jingoistic pub landlord  which happens to be his alter-ego in real life. Al brings a bit of the 70s back with his punchy northern humour which is laudable and in contrast with ‘having the world resolve itself through the bottom of a beer glass’!

Perhaps the adversarial Punch and Judy knock-about days of the ’70s are now well and truly behind us and their ‘industrial strength’ comedy is just too non-PC? In the inimitable words of Benny Hill: “Warlocks!”