Vehicle Seating System Patent Intellectual Property

UK Inventor Nicholas Robinson successfully patents novel vehicle seating system!

Pending Publication:

Patent Number GB2503094

Google “Dynamic Posture-Adaptive Servo Tilt-Lean Driver and Passenger Seating” for background information

The patent includes a novel ‘dynamic posture maintenance’ driving position with a tilt-lean ‘force seat’ with interactive push-pull steering and controls which interact with the drivers posture.

Nick is open to leasing and other agreements to exploit his intellectual property and advises those who wish to develop his intellectual property that he is open to business collaboration

He therefore requests and advises Jaguar Land Rover and Universities in the UK and other manufacturers and researchers abroad to respect his intellectual property and to enter into an appropriate business agreement by means of negotiation!

He is open to reasonable proposals including finance purchase leasing collaboration R&D employment and support in various combinations for mutual benefit.

Sometimes it takes a private inventor and unique individual to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy and show some leadership!

And yes, some professional jobs-worths and tick-box specialists are clinging to their own disciplines and existing arrangements like ergonomics specialists clinging to and ‘owning’ vehicle seating and control design – just consider the dog’s dinner we face with todays modern driving and uncomfortable and unhealthy seating!

Today’s modern driver in this digital age is faced with a plethora of complicated and distracting displays and controls whilst seating has remained substantially unchanged for decades!


Nicholas Robinson

Inventor Tel: +44(0)1482 845129